Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Botanical Canvas Album

Welcome to my stop on the Club Scrap Botanicals Blog Hop.

The Botanicals Kit inspired me to put together this mini album featuring a painted canvas for the front and back covers.

The inside pages are a combination of Botanicals Printed and Plain Papers kettle stitched together.

The canvases and inside pages are 6x6".

The inside pages:

Here are the ten inside pages stitched with brown waxed linen thread.

The inside pages were rubber stamped prior to stitching. I just think it's easier.

Decorate the outside covers with acrylic paint, the Branch Masking Stencil and colored mists.

Botanicals Lite Branch Masking Stencil.

Botanicals Wood Veneer Birds with acrylic paint added.

Rubber Stamped words from the Botanicals Borders & Backgrounds Stamp sheet

Actually after decorating the canvases, I could have stopped there! These would have looked just fine on my walls, but I still thought it was fun to add the inside pages.

Putting the pages and canvases together . . .

Adhere the stitched pages to the canvas covers with CS Bookbinding Glue.

I could have stopped right there. But you know me!

Attach four decorative metal feet to the bottom four canvas corners with bookbinding glue. (Tricia dropped these off at my office a while back knowing I'd find a good home for them.)

To prevent the inside pages from sagging down between the canvases, I added two wooden dowels as a support.

The adorable book will make the perfect home for photos from my daughter's twelfth birthday party.

Next on the Botanicals hop is the lovely and talented Julie at Cape Cod Scrapper. See you there!


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

50s Kitchen Book in a Drawer

Greetings Blog Hoppers!

If you've missed any stops on the hop, check out the Club Scrap Blog for complete listings. This month's hop features the Club Scrap 50s Kitchen Collection.

How do you like the Nice To See You glasses charm on my Wooden Art Dummy? Lol!

The vivid colored papers worked well for my kettle-stitched mini album, which conveniently fits into a handmade Book Board kitchen drawer.

50s Kitchen cardstock was used to make the mini album while the Club Stamp text weight Quad Print worked well for wrapping the book board drawer.

The stamped quote from the Collection UM is perfect for the front of the album. It basically designated the size of the album and it all went from there. This will be great for holding family photos.

Since the mini album rests inside, there's room for setting "stuff" on top of the little shelving unit.

Next on the hop is the lovely and talented Julie, at Cape Cod Scrapper. Enjoy!!!


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

London Calling Blog Hop

Welcome to my stop on Club Scrap's London Calling Blog Hop!

3D Tunnel Card Club Scrap London Calling

The 3D Tunnel Card Technique seems to be my favorite this week. I created one for the Club Scrap blog on Monday and couldn't keep myself from trying another one with the collage image from the Borders & Backgrounds UM. I also incorporated the car from the Art Nouveau UM into the mix!

This expanding card measures 6-3/8 x 5-1/8" and can be collapsed to 1/4" for mailing.

Collapsed to fit into envelope

Six layers are stamped, colored and cut to create the 3D Tunnel effect.

The panels are then adhered to a pair of accordion folded papers.

Collage stamps are ideal for this 3D Tunnel Technique. Below is the tunnel card I made earlier this week using the Collection UM plate. It's the same . . . but different.

For more details about this card, check out my entry on the Club Scrap Blog.

Thank you for hopping with us! Next on the hop is Shona at Shona Scraps. Enjoy!
Wishing you a creative day,

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Blog Hop

Hi, and welcome to my stop on Club Scrap's Valentine's Day Blog Hop!

Paper Quilting Card with Club Scrap's Love Ink Collection

To share the love going around today, I've made a a 6.25x9.25" oversized card featuring items from the Love Ink Collection with a paper quilting technique.

Some steps to help you make one of your own . . .

1. Cut a 5.75x8.75" art panel from the 12x12 Ivory Print. Use a 2" circle punch to punch twelve Ivory circles from the same print. Score 1/4" from the edge of a circle four times to create a square on each circle.

4. Fold on score lines. Alternatively, trim 1-3/8" squares and fold the punched circles around the squares to create four flaps. (Click HERE to see this version of the technique.)

5. Decorate a 1-3/8" square to insert within each punched circle.

6. Attach a row of three folded circles to the top edge of the art panel, then a 1" wide strip for your Valentine greeting, followed by three more rows of folded circles.

7.  Nest the art panel onto a matte and card base. The most important step: give it to someone who is really SA-WEET!

Before I go, one other little thing . . .

I used the Grafitti Mini Chalkboards to add a sentiment to this jar. I'll be using it to give flowers to my youngster, Marilee, on Valentine's Day. For more details on how to use Mini Chalkboards, check out the Club Scrap Blog HERE.

This will be adorable with a little greenery and red roses tucked inside.

Next on the hop is the lovely and talented Julie at Cape Cod Scrapper. Go check out how she is sharin' the love today.

Thank you for stopping!